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Netherlands Looks To Replace F-16s Earlier Than Proposed

The Air Force's F-16 fighter aircraft may last much longer than the Defense Ministry is currently claiming. Defense Ministry statistics show that the oldest aircraft will not reach their maximum number of permitted flying hours in 2010, but only in 2020.

F-16 26.12.2001

The mostly right stuff: How the Americans make war

Critics of the war effort say that's nothing to boast about. The fight was a mismatch – the world's only superpower versus a broken country's ragtag army. In fact, this was a breathtaking feat of arms.

Opération Enduring Freedom 26.12.2001

The AC-130 Spectre gunship : like an airborne tank

The latest round of attacks on al-Qaida and the Taliban regime saw an old workhorse being used in a new war over Afghanistan skies : the AC-130 Spectre gunship, based off the C-130 cargo aircraft design and beefed up with a heavy weapons package.

AC-130 21.10.2001

Retired Generals Advise TV Networks

With the war on terrorism essentially out of camera range, television networks are relying heavily on former military leaders to explain the complicated operations to viewers. All of the US national network news operations have ex-military brass working as consultants.

Adm Cobbold 21.10.2001

"Solo" tells Afghans they are not alone

"When you decide to surrender, approach United States forces with your hands in the air." This message, and others like it, are the United States's new front in its war to bring down Afghanistan's Taliban rulers and wipe out Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network.

US leaflet 21.10.2001

France: Democracy And The Draft

The French government has announced that it is immediately ending the military draft, a move that ends that country's involvement with a system of mass conscription that helped to promote national integration and contributed to the rise of mass-participation democracy there.

French Army 08.07.2001

Small Arms Boom in East Africa

Trafficking in small arms and light weapons along the Uganda, Sudan and Kenya borders is thriving, so much so that the cost of an AK-47 assault rifle has dropped from 10 cows in 1986 to two. The weapons come from various sources including European dealers.

Rebels in Congo 08.07.2001

Women in Combat - Time for a Review

No one should have to lose their life in pursuit of feminist fantasies. With Pentagon social engineers disregarding the power of sexuality, and the weakness of human nature, it's time for a review of women in combat.

USAF Airman 24.06.2001

The KFOR is prepared for a hot summer

The British acting Police Forces slowly advance straight towards the thunderstorm of incoming, low flying potatoes. Suddenly, a petrol bomb is thrown at the good guys followed by the umpteenth charge of the mob shouting: "KFOR HOME!" No doubt, KFOR is prepared for a hot summer.

KFOR 23.06.2001

Mobile phone signals 'could make stealth weapons obsolete'

Billions of pounds of stealth warfare weaponry could be rendered obsolete by a system which uses existing mobile phone masts. According to researchers hi-tech, stealth fighters and bombers can be located using mobile signals and then shot down.

F-117 17.06.2001

Russia to Meet Syrian Requirements in Defence Weapons

In recent talks, Russia was given a list of modern arms and military hardware that Syria would like to acquire – eight Iskander-E operational-tactical missile systems, 30 Su-30 fighters, the S-300PMU-1, Buk-M1, and Tor-M1 surface-to-air missile systems and the Mi-35 and Ka-52 combat helicopters.

S-300 16.06.2001

CIS Force Not Best Way To Combat Islamic Threat

CIS member-states Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan are creating a joint rapid-reaction force to combat what is perceived as the growing regional threat of Islamic militant groups. But some Russian analysts doubt the new initiative will be any more effective in fighting religious extremism.

Ingouchia 01.06.2001

India's Rising Military Expenditure

India continues to arm and expand her Armed Forces at an unprecedented scale and yet talk of peace and stability in South Asia. India already has the third largest Army in the world and is the biggest military power in the South Asian region.

TU-22 31.05.2001

Soldiers urge rebels to accept NATO offer for amnesty

Army psychological operations soldiers blasting scripted messages from a speaker to help convince more rebels to give up, or handing out leaflets to suspected members of UCPMB. It's part of a campaign by NATO and Belgrade to avoid a bloodbath when Yugoslav forces enter the last part of the 3-mile-wide buffer.

UCPMB 30.05.2001

Naked Soldiers Produce Clean Water

What is a KFOR soldier without his gun? He's probably Swiss. It may sound like a bad joke, but it is true. The Swiss Company do not have guns. But the situation of the Swiss contingent may be about to change.

Swisscoy 13.05.2001

Predator UAV : The New Tank Killer

The Air Force's Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle made history as it successfully launched live Hellfire missiles helping it evolve from a non-lethal, reconnaissance asset to an armed, highly accurate tank killer.

UAV Predator 12.05.2001

An Army of None : Military Culture and Junior Officer Retention

The armed forces as a whole are facing an officer retention problem, but the Army is only addressing portion of the problem. The breakdown of the Army's institutional culture is the chief catalyst of the officer retention problem.

Army of One 07.05.2001

Exercise "Dynamic Response 01" in the Balkans

War has erupted once again in the Balkans, and the NATO Strategic Reserve Forces (SRF) have started to re-enforce KFOR and SFOR through airdrops. Relax, it's only an exercise!

Exercise Dynamic Response 07.05.2001

Revitalizing the artillery-close combat relationship

During the past few years, complaints have mounted that the close fire support on which infantry and armor units always have relied has become less responsive. For many, the field artillery seems becoming more concerned with pursuing independent operations than with supporting the combined arms team.

M-109 Paladin 06.05.2001

VECTOR team completes first flight period for X-31

The X-31 thrust-vectored technology demonstrator successfully completed its first flight period for the VECTOR test program. First flown in the early 1990s for the Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability program, the X-31 is now being used to explore applications of thrust vectoring for extremely short takeoff and landing.

X-31 29.04.2001

LAV III exceeds expectations on first deployment

Eritrea has presented a challenging proving ground for the LAV III. This mountainous country has narrow, winding roads and is often extremely hot and dusty. The LAV III, however, has been exceeding expectations from very early on.

LAV III 24.04.2001

China's Military Capabilities

China is modernizing its forces and increasing defense spending, but the prospective improvements in overall military capability need to be set against the very low-technology starting point of China's armed forces.

Chinese Missile DF-31 24.04.2001

The Russian military's exercises in futility

Russian generals see it as beneath themselves to train their troops to fight in limited local conflicts. That's why General Headquarters persists in planning "big wars" in which they can send in the strategic bombers.

TU-95 24.04.2001

Another day, another mortar

The firing of mortars by the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has already joined the list of daily statistics kept by the Israel Defense Forces. Since the Palestinians began making use of mortars, at first in very limited scope, dozens of incidents have been recorded.

Israel 18.04.2001

Is the war over for Britain's big battle tanks?

Since its introduction on the Somme in 1916, the tank has been regarded as the master of the battlefield. But with the increasing sophistication of modern weapons, especially the attack helicopter, its influence has declined, according to military experts.

MBT Challenger 2 18.04.2001

Intelligence in the Information Age: Spy Data For Sale

The satellite photograph of a U.S. Navy electronic surveillance aircraft on the ground in China shows how much the world has changed with regard to the amount and kinds of information openly available to anyone on security matters.

San Francisco 18.04.2001

Future Challenges Demand Penetrating Bomber

If you were a Chinese military planner, what would you fear more in 2015, a fleet of fighters whose forward bases you could hold at risk and aging bombers, nearly 90 percent of which could not penetrate your nation's air space, or double the number of B-2s?

Stealth bomber B-2 15.04.2001

US Military Tries to Plan for Rise of Asia

American defense and intelligence planners, looking 15 to 25 years ahead, see a rapidly growing Asia flexing its economic, military, and diplomatic muscle. Relations between the US and several nations in Asia could become seriously strained.

Aircraft carrier Kuznetsov 14.04.2001

North Korea's military 'bigger, better, closer, deadlier'

While there has been "staggering" diplomatic activity on the Korean peninsula in the past year, North Korea's military has the potential to become far more lethal, the top U.S. commander in South Korea told Congress.

North Korea's APC 14.04.2001

2025 Vision: A China Bent On Asian Dominance

Imagine a booming China of 1.5 billion people that has intimidated Taiwan into effective submission, persuaded Korea and Japan to close the U.S. bases on their territory, and made a deal with New Delhi to divide Asia into spheres of Chinese and Indian influence at America's expense.

PRC army artillery during an exercise, October 2000 14.04.2001

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